Wine of the pharao

Not only the ancient Romans or Greeks were great lovers of wine, even the ancient Egyptian pharaohs appreciated a good drop. Especially the Egyptian upper class loved wine for its glittering celebrations and festivals. But not only the living were able to enjoy it, wine amphorae were also important funeral gifts as a strengthening in […]

Corals of egypt

​The Red Sea is a unique marine environment with fantasitc coral reef ecosystems. Coral reefs are often called the gardens of the sea.
Since the pioneering scientists the red sea is weel known for the myriad natural wonders found in its beautiful waters and unique coastal areas


Hundreds of years ago someone wandering the back roads of coastal Egypt might have witnessed an odd sight: at the edge of a farmyard, in close quarters with sheep and chickens and cows, a tall pole topped with a massive stick nest. And, standing guard in the nest, a large brown-backed, white-headed wild bird of prey – an Osprey

How Napoleon Bonaparte’s scientists laid the foundation for illustrated books and modern Egyptology

The goals of the military expedition Military strategic goals As we write the year 1798, in France the revolution reaches its peak and the old order is shaken. The young army of Napoleon Bonaparte has already won numerous battles and is now sent on an army expedition to faraway Egypt. Here he is not only […]

The moon

Especially the moon has always fascinated people and has a great importance for mankind. Not only in ancient times but still today it exerts a great fascination. Because of the many artificial light sources in large cities or metropolitan regions, the lights of the sky can no longer be seen in their full splendor in […]